Product page

Reclame AQUI starts displaying information about products.

After many years collecting opinions and complaints about companies, Reclame AQUI felt it was time to start doing that for products too.

Listing and showing specific information about products was an strategic decision towards monetizing the website. The objective of this project was to test if users would trust and be interested in buying products well ranked by Reclame AQUI. Ranking information was based on price and the reputation of the seller.

It was important to find out how to display that kind of content while still remaining true to the essence of Reclame AQUI, which is to help customers solve problems and spread useful information about companies, services and products.

By the end of the project, Reclame AQUI had tested and verifyed that our users trust the brand enough to follow our suggestions. During Black Friday, a top brazillian e-commerce even contacted our office to ask about the high volume of traffic arriving from Reclame AQUI.


UI designer


Define the structure of the page.
Create the price visualization card.
Design the visual interface.





The project arrived as a request from the product manager. The discovery consisted of a benchmark of similar tools.


Based on our needs and the benchmark, we defined content and explored ways of displaying it through sketching.


Next we refined the interface while maintaining the visual identity of the product.


We prepared minor adjustments according to requests from developers and exported assets.

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